Sunday, 27 June 2010

The magics of the ancients?

We have all seen it in film and game. The mystics of the ancients. Their ability to create wonders that, once the magics have been stripped away, become fairly easy to explain just using scientific language. You have to wonder if the ancients that predated us really knew that phosphorous had no magical value whatsoever, and if they put the act on for the locals.

Suffice to say, it has created some interesting vault locks that are used extensivly in Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, so why not source.

A colleague of mine once asked if there were any Indiana Jones maps for source. I replied at the time that i did not believe so. So, why not try to change that.

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The map revolves around those mystic beliefs held by the common people of an Anglo-Saxon period. If an alien fell from the sky, it would probably have been seen as either a god sent to save them, or a beast to ruin them. In this case a beast has fallen from a rift in space time, and, not knowing what else to do, has started to kill everything and raise symbiotic armies.

As a result, the knights tracked it to its lair, and, with a bit of knightly cunning, trapped the beast within and built a labyrinth around it. Centuries later, a tomb raider knowing what the beast is likely to be, ventures into the dark with nothing but a gravity gun to try and terminate it's life.

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Try and read the runes if you can...

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Long time no sea

And so, with a flood of ideas, new mapping comes into play. And with the announcement of the all new facepunch mappers challenge, comes the age old sinking feeling. Will i finish a map, or will it sail away from me.

Yes, the challenge is about maping a singleplayer map that involves water in some way. And, being me, i'm not just going to stick a water fountain somewhere in a map.


Of course, something like this doesn't just fall into place. After endless planning and several failed ideas, i ended up with a car cannon, a door that wouldn't stay shut, and a stalker that just wouldn't stand and type at the keyboard. Suffice to say Thor died that day. And from the ashes (or waters) rose Ceta.

Bonus image if anyone can tell me where Ceta comes from.

As a side note, i have released three archives of my old maps if anyone wants them. Archives 1-3 can be found on, or, for a direct link, here:

Until next i remember my password, farewell.